When it rains, get high.

This entry was posted on Aug 01 2012

Having noticed a new way of getting into Argus during a random walk by, I felt like another having another crack at shooting the awesome, gothic beast it is. The weather forecast for the night was rain and thunderstorms. This tickled my fancy just a wee bit, because as I’ve said before, rain makes rooftops look bloody awesome. Later on at home when the sun had gone down, I packed my shit and headed city bound. On the way in there was some sexy, boner inducing lightning. That stopped pretty much right as I got into the CBD, but the rain didn’t let up. Up I went hoping that the lightning would start again but all I got was thunder. Sadface.

After 90 mins of shooting in the rain I bailed, thankfully not all that wet due to my epic weather proof jacket. About 5 meters from the exit point, I planted my foot down hard on some rusty as crooked metal thing. Double sadface. On the first go at ripping it out the thing barely budged. It was like pulling on rope. Wrong angle, try again. On the second go it came right out and hurt like a bitch. I got my hobble on during my trip back to the car. Hooray for the tetanus shot I’d had in the last year. Happy face!


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  1. Absolutely love your photos in the rain. Your exposure shots really show how much artificial light is in the CBD, amazing :)

    Love the effort man, wish I had the balls to do anything like this :P

  2. Cheers bro!

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